Mega Time Squad Mega Time Squad(2018)

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Mega Time Squad Mega Time Squad

◎片  名 Mega Time Squad Mega Time Squad
◎年  代 2018
◎国  家 新西兰
◎类  型 喜剧 动作 科幻 犯罪 冒险
◎语  言 英语
◎上映日期 2018-07-16(幻想曲国际电影节)
◎豆瓣评分 暂无评分
◎时  长 79分钟
◎导  演 Tim van Dammen
◎主  演 Anton Tennet
       Jonny Brugh
       Milo Cawthorne
       Hetty Gaskall-Hahn
       Josh McKenzie
       Arlo Gibson
       Jaya Beach-Robertson
       Axl Scott
       Tian Tan
       Mick Innes
◎整理时间 2019年03月07日
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◎简  介 

A small-town crim finds an ancient Chinese time-travel device that can help him pull off a heist and start a new life-but he may not survive the consequences of tampering with time. The Castle meets Looper, Mega Time Squad is a study in high-meets-low, combining elements of the sci-fi, the crime thriller and the comedy to make a comedy heist film with a time-traveling twist.